I-CON system, Inc. is the leader in electronic plumbing controls within the correctional industry. Founded in 1994 with the goal of building a better product, the company has quickly grown to include the largest install base and the most reliable, longest lasting electronic plumbing control system on the market today. With over 30 patents and patents pending, I-CON System continues to innovate and grow its brand of intelligent plumbing controls in the heart of Central Florida. Based out of its newly renovated 58,000 sq.ft. state of the art manufacturing facility in Oviedo, Florida, you'll find the I-CON team committed to delivering the best in water conservation plumbing products to correctional facilities throughout the U.S and abroad. (
Revolutionary Water Saving Technology
  • Save up to 70% on your water and sewer bills with our proprietary technology.
Reduce Operation and Maintenance Expenses
  • I-CON uses less moving parts and better materials than the competition, subsantially reducing the likelihood of part failures
Customizable Security Control w/ ENVISAGE ®
  • Our proprietary software and hardware allows our customers to take complete control of our plumbing system from a remote desktop or control station
Install our Flush Valves Remotely
  • Our flush valve can be located up to 60 feet from the applicable fixture.
Prevent Toilet Fires
(Flush valves that don't seal due to low water pressure and run continuosly.)
  • Our flush valve seals with minimal water pressure (3-5psi) therefore preventing inmate induced and other toilet fires.